Money Cartography

Unlock the secrets of wild wealth hidden in your unique energetic blueprint

Money Cartography empowers you to explore your personal roadmap to abundance that is outlined in your Human Design and Gene Keys, so you can shift your ability to receive, learn to trust yourself implicitly, and step into the abundance you’ve always been destined for.


You’ve already taken a brave step toward abundance

The moment you decided to become an entrepreneur, you did something that most people will never do: you deeply trusted in yourself and in your purpose.

And while that leap of faith has paid off tremendously, changing your life in ways you once dreamed of, your struggles around money are keeping you stuck:

  • You’re scrambling to meet your monthly income goals, coming up with new offers and flash sales from a frantic, unaligned energy
  • You keep your prices low and end up feeling resentful about helping your clients when you’d much rather feel excited, energized, and generous
  • You struggle to keep a consistent cash flow, experiencing big pops of income followed by deep lulls that send you into a panic
  • You dream of offering higher-impact, higher-priced services, but hold yourself back out of fear that you’ll never be able to sell them

Let's put the shame aside for a minute 

I know how easy it can be to judge yourself for wanting more from your business and from your life. But I want to invite you to put those feelings aside for just a moment and feel safe to admit that:

  • You want to step into a new income level and feel totally comfortable as you start to receive the abundance you desire
  • You want your business to feel like an equal energetic exchange, where you are fairly abundantly compensated for your work
  • You want to develop deep relationships with incredible clients where you consistently feel like your work is aligned with your purpose and your income goals
  • You want to confidently charge what you know your gifts are worth, attracting clients who don’t hesitate to say “sounds great, send me the invoice and let’s get started” when they see the investment

Somewhere deep inside ...

You already know it's possible

Despite the current energy of the world telling you that you should be fearful of money, that you should have more realistic expectations, or that you should be cautious of an economic recession…

And despite all of the external voices who may encourage you to place limits on your income potential, to hustle yourself into burnout, and to penny pinch “just in case”...
You know that this fear does not serve you.

And when you look closely, you can clearly see how false these stories are. You see other women who are effortlessly magnetizing the abundance you crave, so you know it’s possible.

You just aren’t sure how to make it happen for you.

The secret?

You have to know and trust yourself

There is a collective shift happening. We are all slowly turning away from institutions and external sources for advice (in all areas of our lives), and instead turning to ourselves for guidance.

You already feel this shift. In fact, you’re participating in it. It’s why you became an entrepreneur. It’s why you’re reading this page right now. You are actively trying to shift into a new belief system… yet you keep sinking back into old problems.

You won’t find your next steps hidden in a beautiful Instagram post, and the secrets to your abundance won’t be found in a money mindset meditation.

To truly achieve the abundance you’re looking for, you need to lean into your personal energy, explore your internal truth, and learn how that all ties in with money and wealth.
Lucky for you, you’re in exactly the right place to do that.


The program for visionary entrepreneurs who are ready to access the path to wild wealth and massive levels of abundance hidden in their unique energetic blueprint.


Money mindset work isn’t new to you

EFT tapping and tarot cards; inner child healing and shadow work; vision boards and a journaling practice; money mediations and courses on abundance. At this point, you’ve tried it all. 

Maybe you’ve even seen some progress. You’ve overcome a limiting belief or two and managed to manifest a smaller money goal. But nothing seems to help you access the wealth you truly desire. 

Let me reassure you: it has nothing to do with you. 

The reason these resources are lacking is that they assume everyone is the same. Most money mindset courses are based on the idea that everyone has the same money struggles, or that every business owner is motivated in the same way. 

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

What you really need is a personalized approach

Mainstream money advice only scratches the surface of what’s impacting your ability to attract and accept abundance. But money, abundance, and manifestation are inherently personal.

That’s why you need a program that takes into account:

  • The money stories you’re hanging onto that no longer serve you
  • What motivates you when it comes to money
  • The challenges that are keeping you stuck (and how you can turn them into your biggest strength)
  • How the gates in your Human Design impact your relationship with abundance
  • The wealth and prosperity that have existed in your Gene Keys profile since the moment you were born

The money frequency that is completely and totally unique to you

That’s why Money Cartography is different

Most people teach money and abundance based on what has worked for them and how you can apply it for yourself. But I take a different approach.

In Money Cartography, I help you discover what money, wealth, and abundance mean to YOU. 

My intention is to help you dive deep into your Human Design and Gene Keys to combine money mindset principles with your unique energy. 

This work can be complex, so I’m here to guide you and answer your questions every step of the way. But my priority is to give you the tools you need to understand your wealth map on a deep level and use it to attract ever-increasing levels of wealth.

In other words, I won’t simply give you my interpretation of your energetic blueprint: I will help you find your own, and continue to use that interpretation far beyond the container of this program.


Most importantly, it’s here to serve you long-term

Money mindset is not one-and-done type of work. In this program, we’re going to cut through all the noise to get crystal clear on the wealth you desire, the abundance that’s destined for you, and the work you need to do — all so you can confidently access new levels of wealth through your entire lifetime.


“It happened overnight!”

After just one day of doing the pre-work I got a new high-value client. Their work alone can have me quit my corporate job! I'm internally screaming with excitement that I have to contain because I'm still in the office! Everyone needs to experience this, it is AMAZING!

Chloe Rourke, CEO Rourke Books

How we'll do it

Curious to know more about the steps we’ll take? Here’s what’s waiting for you inside Money Cartography.


The Pre-Work

Upon enrolling in Money Cartography, you’ll gain immediate access to two resources that will help you intimately prepare for the work we’re about to do together.

Unlock Your Unique Abundance Keys

This powerful session will introduce you to the magnetic Abundance Keys in your Human Design Chart. In just 60 minutes, you’ll learn how to become irresistibly magnetic to abundance through the potent energies of the gates in your G Center.

Mapping Millions: Step into Quantum Abundance

This 3-part video series will give you a taste of the journey we’re about to go on. You’ll gain an overview of how to map the money path in your Human Design, how to discover the prosperity sequence in your Gene Keys, and how to leverage the collective shift from “we” to “I” energy that dawns in 2027.

The Weekly Work

Each week you’ll unlock access to a new module allowing you to dive deeper into a specific aspect of your money map.

Week 1

Reveal & Heal

  • Reveal your ancestral money stories and discover how to shift and rewrite them to create a crystal clear channel for your abundance flow
  • Understand where in your Human Design chart to look for clues to money stories that aren’t serving you
  • Effortlessly move from fear to receptivity around money by identifying and clearing your inherited energetic imbalances around receiving larger and larger amounts of money

Week 2

Waking the Sleeping Phoenix


  • Discover the new background frequency we’re moving into as we enter the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix in 2027
  • Step into next-level energy work as you discover the collective paradigm shift in energy from ‘we’ to ‘I’
  • Learn how this new background frequency will affect your personal wealth and abundance, and how to prepare for it
  • Walk away with the tools to leverage these unprecedented energies to supercharge your wealth attraction

Week 3

Born Wealthy


  • Confidently map your money markers through the channels, gates, and centers of your Human Design to reveal your innate wealth
  • Learn every tool you need to map out your path to the millions hidden in plain sight in your energetic blueprint

Week 4

Unconditional Money


  • Learn about the different types of money conditioning
  • Explore collective and individual trauma around money
  • Identify the limiting words you use around money
  • Discover tools to connect with Spirit around money

Week 5

Pre-Recorded Q & A


As we reach the mid-way point of your journey in this program, we’ll dig even deeper into your money map by exploring questions asked by students who have completed this program before you. 

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered in the program thus far, you can always use the support community (see below) to ask.

Week 6

Spheres of Prosperity


  • Develop a deep understanding of the potent energies of the Prosperity Sequence in your Gene Keys profile, and what they mean for your abundance
  • Discover why you desire money and what you’re meant to do with it
  • Learn exactly where you are blocking your birthright abundance and release your energetic tightness around money so it can flow through the channels in your Human Design

Week 7

Pathways of Prosperity


  • After mapping the wealth landmarks in your Prosperity Sphere, you’ll discover which Prosperity Paths link them
  • Map your millions by linking the spheres in your energetic blueprint
  • Dive even deeper into your unique Prosperity Sequence

Week 8

Made of Money


  • Decode your wealth DNA using your Gene Keys
  • Become irresistible to money by transforming your greatest challenge into your zone of genius
  • Uncover the force directly blocking your flow of prosperity 
  • Learn how to shatter your unconscious patterns to step into wild wealth
  • Learn how you create an immediate buzz around your business to effortlessly magnetize perfectly aligned clients

Week 9

Pre-Recorded Q&A


Before the program ends next week, you’ll have another opportunity to explore questions asked by students who have completed this program before you. 

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered in the program thus far, you can always use the support community (see below) to ask.

Week 10

What Spirit Has to Say About Money


  • Step into a new level of confidence and connection in your relationship with your master guide to talk to them as often as you need about your desire for abundance.
  • Walk away with a stronger connection to your intuition and the innate abundance that is your birthright
  • Learn how to continue to manifest abundance with ease and fun


Ongoing Support

Such a deep and detailed analysis of your Human Design and Gene Keys can often feel complex, and it’s completely normal for things to feel sticky sometimes.

But I’m here to help. 

Our peer-to-peer support group offers a safe space for you to share your questions, stories, and wins. Whether you have a specific question about your chart or need some extra guidance as you apply the principles you’re learning to your unique journey, you can ask questions whenever you need.


Plus Bonus Meditation

Money Cartography also includes access to a special Gene Keys Guided Meditation by Heathir Brown, a former student of this program.

Designed to support you in contemplating your unique abundance energies, Heathir created this meditation when she was studying with us as a way of exploring her Gene Keys at an even deeper level.


Student Success Stories

Allow me to introduce you to some of the visionary women who have used Money Cartography to access new levels of wealth and abundance.

Candy Barone, CEO & Founder of You Empowered Strong


"I've had the most abundant period of my business, focusing more on understanding my own wiring and energy and design.”

I now have a very consistent cash flow that's created a very clear residual and I'm still getting those big pops of income. In doing this work, I was able to very clearly reset my energetic minimum for what I'm available for.

Heathir Brown, Intuitive Healer


“Money Cartography will help you if you're having trouble charging your worth or even thinking that you're 'allowed' to charge your worth."

It's good if you're feeling stuck in a loop with money.

Maybe you're trying to shift into a different belief system or income level but it's not working and you keep sinking back into the same patterns.

Here's the thing 

This is about so much more than just money

Yes, Money Cartography is all about helping you uncover your personal path to massive wealth. But it’s also so much more than that. 

This program is about abundance in its fullest form. It’s about living the life you desire. It’s about serving your clients to the best of your ability, without stressing over how much you’re being paid. It’s about confidently showing up in your purpose and trusting that the Universe has your back. 

Don’t get me wrong. Money mindset work is important. But you deserve more than just the tip of the iceberg. 

When you go deep — deep enough to look at your patterns, beliefs, behaviors, motivations, and DNA — you start to make visceral shifts, not temporary changes.

And that’s where the magic truly happens.

I know that investing in your money mindset can bring up strange feelings.

Guilt. Shame. Uncertainty. Everything you’re feeling right now is completely normal.

Maybe you’ve only just started making a profit in your business, and it feels like you’re doing something wrong by spending it right away. Or maybe you recently made a big investment in your business (or two or five), and you’re worried about making another one. 

And I know that general, mainstream advice would tell you it makes more sense to spend your money on a course about investing, or something more “logical” than Human Design. 

But you’re here for a reason. 

I would never encourage you to do something that doesn’t sit right with your intuition. But if you’re still reading this page, it’s because you’re feeling drawn to these ideas. This desire for abundance sits on your heart, and you’ve been guided to this particular strategy for generating it.

Because that’s all Human Design really is: a strategy. A tool. A skill set for identifying what’s going on in your energy to stop abundance and money from reaching you, and how to fix it.

The things you desire are on your heart for a reason

They were placed there by The Universe and Spirit.

And the bravest, most radical thing you can do is to trust those desires, lean into your curiosity, and equip yourself with the tools you need to access it all.


Meet your guide

My personal money journey

The Money Cartography curriculum wasn’t developed by accident. Every single step that I teach you inside of this program is something that I’ve had to go through myself. And my business, my life, and my income are forever changed because of it.

I too had to uncover the stories about money that I picked up in childhood. Through Human Design, I learned why I was so quick to absorb them, and began to heal those stories and filter the information I was receiving from the outside world.

I too had to look at specific parts of my chart, identify how they were affecting me and my ability to access abundance, and learn to make decisions from my own authority.

And I too had to learn how to talk to Spirit and ask for divine guidance, especially when going through stickier money situations (such as in the middle of an uncertain launch, or when doing all that unglamorous work in my business).

But by developing a deep understanding of my Human Design and Gene Keys, I’ve been able to:

Turn my greatest challenge into my zone of genius: I learned that by excluding myself from female relationships (because they historically hadn’t worked well for me), I was keeping myself from my purpose of working intimately with women on their prosperity

Choose a different story: Despite the messages we are constantly being told about today’s economy, I have consistently built my business and received abundance even amidst a pandemic and global recession

Manifest more wealth than ever before in my life: Using my own money map ...

I quadrupled the monthly income from my corporate job in less than 2 years. So far in 2023, I’ve matched my business’s total annual income from the last tax year in just 6 months.

But the last thing I want to be is another ‘money guru’

I won’t teach you exactly how I was able to access this level of abundance. Because what worked for me won’t necessarily work for you.

And the truth is, I don’t have all the answers. But you do.

The energetic blueprint in your Human Design and Gene Keys hold a wildly potent money map. You have been destined for this quantum abundance since the moment you were born. I’m simply here to give you the keys to unlock it.

Money Cartography is the program I wish I’d had at the beginning of my journey. And I would love for you to join me inside, so you can access new levels of wealth and abundance with ease, fun, and confidence.

“This is some really powerful f*cking stuff”

I just finished up both week 1 and 2 today, and I’ve been immersed in ALL of it. I have an entire notebook of notes, insights, and downloads as a result. Becca, the way you teach and share what you've learned is so intuitive ... as a fellow 6/2 I appreciate it more than you know!


Frequently Asked Questions

You may be asking yourself ...

“Am I really ready for this?”

That depends.

Not on your knowledge of Human Design or Gene Keys. Even if you’re new to these concepts, I’m here to be your translator:  to show you the energetic story that’s running through your energetic blueprint and to translate it into actionable tools that you can use in the real world.

What really matters is your curiosity.

  • This program is for entrepreneurs who are curious about how to elevate their leadership, their level of service, and their income.
  • It’s for true visionaries who care about making an impact and who want to be wildly compensated for their gifts.
  • It’s for anyone who is ready to show up, do the work, and be (lovingly) pushed outside of their comfort zone to unlock their innate wealth with flow, ease, and clarity.

 If that’s you, then welcome, friend. You’ve found your community.

A final note

(from the heart)

Whether you choose to join Money Cartography or not, I want you to know that I’m cheering you on, I care about your success, and I want you to believe that you are truly destined for abundance.

My wish for you is to feel fulfilled, joyful, and expansive as you attract more and more money into your life. Because I’ve seen firsthand how wildly impactful up-leveling your income can be on your life and business. And I want to help visionaries like YOU immerse yourself in Human Design and Gene Keys so you can unlock your divine prosperity.

If I happen to be the lucky one to teach these skills to you - I promise I’ll be with you every step of the way until we make wild wealth your reality too.