What if you could add Human Design to your coaching tool kit easily and effortlessly?


*and knowing Human Design is THE up and coming modality in the coaching world …
can you afford not to use it with your clients?



you want to massively up level your coaching tool kit by adding Human Design but you feel overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.

You’re spending hours with a thousand Chrome tabs open researching and generating charts only to feel stuck when you try to sum up your client’s chart in a way that resonates with them.

The truth is you have that creeping, nagging feeling you’ll never know enough …and you’re way off from being fluent enough to talk to your clients confidently about their chart.

And to make it worse:

  • you forget to include things because you don’t want to be that newbie with post-it notes wallpapered all over the floor your mac
  • as if that weren’t enough - you CONSTANTLY compare yourself to other Human Design coaches
  • you suffer from *imposter syndrome* all the time
  • other Human Design coaches feel like the {mean} girls in high school and low-key intimidate you
And I only know this because this is *exactly* what I went through no more than three years ago.

Let me say - uncertainty around this stuff ISN’T on you …It’s HARD to learn a whole new language (and yes Human Design IS a new language) at any point in your life …nevermind as an adult.

And then put a full-time job or new business plus "adulting" responsibilities on top of that?

Yeah, there's a lot stacking up against your goal, so it's no wonder it's so challenging

"You'd be crazy not to get into Mastery!"

Lindell Stewart - Business & Leadership Coach

It was the most amazing human design course I have done.

You're not just a number in a course for Becca. It’s like you've drawn a line in the sand - before and after working with Becca - I will forever be this new iteration of me because of Mastery.

She's such an incredible teacher, very detailed and constantly provided so much value. I really loved how much information I got through Mastery and the way it was beautifully structured.


Listen, if you're anything like me when I was learning Human Design, you've likely filled many a cart with all the things to help you move forward…

  • You ordered ALL the books (you and the Amazon delivery person are on a first name basis).
  • You’ve been through a few a ton of courses, memberships and masterminds (too many to list) and while you vibed with them for a while …a lot of them were overly complex and you didn’t come away with tools to use in your coaching.
  • You’ve binged the podcasts, watched the YouTube videos, joined the Facebook groups, followed every new Insta account you could find …and spent HOURS jumping down Google rabbit holes.
  • You even bought one of those course bundles with 40+ courses - some of them you liked …others you couldn’t get through because the teacher annoyed you or the content was too basic.
But your higher self keeps popping up to remind you of your goal to add Human Design to your coaching tool kit …


… as you pull together the most important parts of your client’s chart to deliver powerful, ‘a-ha’ filled sessions. It's this vision alone and that sheer sense of personal accomplishment that keeps you motivated to keep going!


… as you pull together the most important parts of your client’s chart to deliver powerful, ‘a-ha’ filled sessions. It's this vision alone and that sheer sense of personal accomplishment that keeps you Olympic-motivated to keep going!

After learning Human Design and spending the last few years teaching it to online coaches … I realized there are some persistent myths stopping coaches like you from using Human Design …

You have to be certified to use Human Design with your coaching clients

Nope, nope, nope. I was using Human Design in my business waayy before I ever took a certification course.

The truth is I left my 9-5 to go full time in my HD business 18 months BEFORE I completed a certification course.

The desire and commitment to learn and apply this information with integrity is *THE* most important thing.

You’re conditioned to see a certification as something that cures imposter syndrome and provides security because someone else has validated you.

Here’s the thing, validation comes from having a love of Human Design and the drive and integrity to educate yourself.  

Oh and btw NO ONE, not one single client, has EVER asked me if I’m certified {just sayin’}

You should use Human Design for years in your own life before you can use it with clients

Immediately no!

I found Human Design four years ago and my ‘experiment’ is always ongoing.

This is a lifelong journey and contemplation and being honest about your experience and depth of knowledge, is *THE* most important thing. 

Working on shining a big ole’ thousand watt light on your shadows and going through the deconditioning process is PART of your journey, NOT a prerequisite.

And let me say this … you are much more relatable as a coach when you spill the tea on your experience of specific shadows and the processes you use to work through them.

The truth is your clients feel seen when you share YOUR Human Design journey.

You have to do readings before you can use it in coaching

Umm hello? Who even made this rule?

Some Human Design coaches have never offered traditional Human Design readings and that’s ok.

As a coach, Human Design is a powerful tool you can pull out of your unicorn-hued tool box to help your client reach deeper levels of self awareness.

And that’s why the ability to ‘speak Human Design’ with fluency doesn’t depend on whether you offer readings or not.

As Ra Uru Hu (the founder of Human Design) said, this is an experiment.

So I tell my students this …learn and use it in the way that feels good to you, the way that makes sense to you.

THAT is how the magic happens, you just need a guide ...



One that guides you to your client's energetic story quickly, seamlessly and super powerfully ...

That's why it’s time to go all in on your Strategy and Authority

Because I can’t wait to show you around …
The step by step training program for coaches looking to integrate Human Design in their coaching business 
*but have no idea where to start
  • The Energetic Story Coaching Method
  • 34 On-Demand Video Teaching Modules - Levels 1 to 4 - Self Mastery, Human Design Mastery, Gene Keys Mastery, Business Mastery
  • Access to Pre-Recorded Practice Coaching Workshops
  • Access to Pre-Recorded Q + A Sessions 
  • Bonus #1 Human Design Mastery - The VIP Podcast (value $444)
  • Bonus #2 Human Design Coaching Cue Cards (value $62)
  • Bonus #3 Energetic Story Masterclass (value $209)
  • Bonus #4 Gene Keys Copy Alchemy Masterclass (value $299)
  • Bonus #5 Soul Alchemist Masterclass (value $233)
  • Bonus #6 Energetic Self-Audit Checklist (value $111)
  • Bonus #7 Exclusive LIVE Private Slack Community

"Mastery has been a game changer for my coaching business!"

Lindell Stewart - Business & Leadership Coach

This really levelled me up as a Human Design reader and using Human Design in my coaching.

The most impactful bonus was the Coaching Cue Cards

They were so amazing, so incredible! They are perfect little bite size pieces that I could take action on and immediately use those coaching prompts with my clients.


With Human Design Mastery, you’ll be able to:

  • Successfully add Human Design to your coaching tool kit, with The Energetic Story Coaching Method {...straight from the little black book of an expert Human Design coach}
  • Reveal a quick, overall view of your clients chart {without interpreting every single line and channel or teaching the whole system}
  • Ditch the twin terrors of ‘imposter syndrome’ and ‘comparison’ {and replace them with a wait list you count in weeks months, with perfectly aligned coaching clients dying to work with you}
  • Get excited when clients ask questions {answer them with confidence and certainty, without that dreaded feeling of being ‘found out’ or ‘exposed’ for not knowing enough}
  • Speak the language of Human Design fluently with ease and clarity {in a way that sparks curiosity, interest and that ‘oohh that’s literally me!’ energy that has your client nodding along in the first 5 minutes} 

What's inside Human Design Mastery ...


5 weeks

Self Mastery


Uncover the Energetic Story of your own energy first. Understand yourself so you can help your clients at a deeper level.

I’m a big believer that THE most empowering coaches understand their own energetics first before anyone else’s.

Learn The Energetic Story Coaching Method to understand YOUR circuitry, reveal your potent coaching gifts of your open centers, learn to expand and protect YOUR energy to hold this new language in your consciousness {and subconscious}, how to meet YOUR shadows and ride the energy of the cosmos.

Walk away from level one with a brand new understanding of YOUR Human Design chart so you can show up as your whole self in your business and a process for ‘keeping your slate clean’ {I’ll let you swipe my personal energetic self-audit}

12 weeks

Human Design Mastery

Make quantum leaps to start earning from your Human Design knowledge {so it’s not just a side hustle or hobby}.

Surprise yourself with what’s possible and feel the ultimate sense of accomplishment with your new found solid foundation to use Human Design as part of your coaching business.

Most coaches struggle with Human Design because they don’t know how to begin, get confused by info overload and feel frustrated because they can’t bring it all together.

  • Get fluent in every element that goes into understanding the energetics in a chart {spoiler alert: it’s not everything!} so that your sessions flow with ease and clarity.
  • Confidently weave Human Design through your coaching sessions in a way that surprises and delights your clients.
  • Go deeper into The Energetic Story Coaching Method to uncover the magic of charts so that your clients walk away mind blown and singing your praises all over social media.
  • Learn what elements to reveal in a session and what to leave out so you unicorn-delight your client, rather than overwhelming them.
  • Learn all aspects from the centers to the channels to the arrows of the body graph and support you in developing your chart skills during practice coaching workshops.
  • Walk away from level two with the ultimate Human Design coaching roadmap to create life changing coaching sessions {and have potential clients sliding into your DMs daily - between you and me it still gives me a huge thrill when that happens!}
12 weeks

Gene Keys Mastery

Like every other step on this journey to fluency, we take it one step sphere at a time.

Uncover the magic of the spheres and lines of the three powerful Gene Keys sequences to help you guide your clients to a deeper understanding of their energy, purpose and true potential.

Become ‘next level’ fluent - From the life purpose sphere where the magic begins to the ‘harvest’ of the pearl sphere, learn to mix-n-mingle the potent energies of the Gene Keys with the Human Design chart to deliver mind blowing client sessions.

Walk away from level three with tangible steps to infuse Human Design with the ‘practical wisdom’ of the Gene Keys in your sessions.

5 weeks

Business Mastery

This is a key uplevel teaching that is so often missed but when you’re finally balancing atop the heady heights of advanced ‘Human-Design-is-my-first-language-fluency’, why stop short of taking your work out into the world and building an aligned, thriving and abundant business?

This level is where the ‘time, location and financial freedom’ we all journal about *actually* happens.

Learn to structure, price and market your offers in a way that resonates with your aligned clients without having to rugby-tackle leads and deploy ‘icky’ sales strategies.

Walk away from level four with the knowledge and confidence to speak the language of Human Design and Gene Keys fluently in your coaching, memberships, masterminds and digital courses {You'll also get the actual super-simple funnel I 'rinse and repeat for every launch}.

Not only will you get all the Human Design and Gene Keys knowledge you need to uncover the Energetic Story of you, your client and your business ...


Here's where the real magic happens ...

Going from zero to fluent in a new language in nine months needs practice, practice, practice.

I also get that this can be the most anxiety inducing, ‘makes you want to dive headfirst into a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s’ process.

That’s why you get access to 34 weekly video modules, each with it's own workbook, replays of Practice Chart workshops and Q+A replays.







When you join Human Design Mastery  you’ll scoop up these BONUSES to make sure your journey from zero to fluent is faster, easier, and your success even sweeter

  • BONUS #1: Human Design Mastery - The VIP Podcast (value $444): In this podcast exclusive to students, I share my behind-the-scenes experiences of learning the language of Human Design and the evolution of my business from readings to coaching to being the CEO of my online education business. I spill all the ☕️ behind-the-scenes-tea 🫖 of doing the entrepreneur thing in this growing industry {I also share a heap of extra, exclusive Human Design coaching tips, tricks and knowledge}

  • BONUS #2: Coaching Cue Cards (value $62)  - These powerful, potent digital cue cards are quick, bite sized nuggets of gold you can grab to use in your coaching sessions to create a starting point, inspire new conversations, learn more about an aspect of the chart you’re not super familiar with …think of them as having my knowledge on call so you can relax into the flow of your client session.
  • BONUS #3: Energetic Story Masterclass (value $209): Learn to format a Human Design reading to uncover the powerful, energetic story of the soul in this on-demand masterclass - including video training, audio version, slides and a quick reference guide to refer to in your coaching sessions.
  • BONUS #4: Gene Keys Copy Alchemy Masterclass (value $299): In this super powerful self-paced masterclass, I share the secrets of injecting the MAGNETIC force of your GENE KEYS directly into the HEART of your sales copy.
  • BONUS #5: Soul Alchemist Masterclass ($233) - Unleash the power of Human Design in your coaching business with this 2-part on-demand workshop. Elevate your practice, transform lives, and unlock limitless potential by integrating the wisdom of Human Design into your coaching sessions
  • BONUS #6: Energetic Self Audit (value $111) - In this powerful self-audit I pull back the curtain to show you my exact process for calibrating my own energetics, maintaining balance and avoiding energy sickness so you attract journal-worthy-income and make the impact you desire without burning out your adrenals and constantly running on empty.
  • BONUS #7: Exclusive LIVE Private Slack Community - In this private Slack community, away from the distraction of social media, you will receive ongoing support. Our group offers a safe space for you to share your questions, stories, and wins. Whether you have a specific question about your chart or need some extra guidance as you apply the principles you’re learning to your unique journey, you can ask questions whenever you need.


  • The Energetic Story Coaching Method
  • 34 On-Demand Video Teaching Modules - Levels 1 to 4 - Self Mastery, Human Design Mastery, Gene Keys Mastery, Business Mastery
  • Access to Pre-Recorded Practice Coaching Workshops
  • Access to Pre-Recorded Q + A Sessions 
  • Bonus #1 Human Design Mastery - The VIP Podcast (value $444)
  • Bonus #2 Human Design Coaching Cue Cards (value $62)
  • Bonus #3 Energetic Story Masterclass (value $209)
  • Bonus #4 Gene Keys Copy Alchemy Masterclass (value $299)
  • Bonus #5 Soul Alchemist Masterclass (value $233)
  • Bonus #6 Energetic Self-Audit Checklist (value $111)
  • Bonus #7 Exclusive LIVE Private Slack Community

"I had no hesitations about enrolling in Mastery, I just don't think that anybody else is doing it this way."

Lindell Stewart - Business & Leadership Coach

Becca goes into so much detail and she breaks down the steps so clearly for you.

The way she breaks things down makes it way less complicated and it's given me a lot of confidence.

She has this gift of teaching something that's really complicated and making it simple with a really beautiful way of storytelling.

I love Becca’s unique perspective on things, but also her practicality.


Still not sure if Human Design Mastery is right for you?


 ... you’re ready to go full on 'energetic storyteller' inside Human Design Mastery if...

You are ...

A business owner, coach or simply a curious soul who wants to add Human Design to your tool kit and do it the right way.


You have ...

The commitment to show up, do the work and be lovingly pushed outside your comfort zone to learn to ‘speak’ Human Design with flow, ease and clarity.

Been spending at least two+ hours a week googling Human Design trying to memorise the information so it flows naturally and effortlessly.


You want ...

To accelerate your income and impact to create a business that gives you the time, location and financial freedom {you know …the life that’s on your vision board as you read this #amirite}

To shift imposter syndrome for good ‘let-it-gooooo-let-it-goooooo’ style!


Human Design Mastery is *not* for you if …

You’re Not Willing To Show Up, Put In The Time & Practice, Practice, Practice

This course is specifically designed to take you through The Energetic Story Coaching Method. The more time and effort you put into, the more you'll embody and master this information with confidence and clarity in your coaching.

You’re Not Down For Working On Your Own Energetics First

Because YOU are the priority to me, we focus on YOUR energy first. Working with Human Design and Gene Keys can be energetically draining if you aren’t taking next-level care of yourself first …that’s why you’ll spend a full five weeks in level one understanding your energetic story to become a crystal clear channel for this life changing wisdom.



You’re here because you want to acquire a new found fluency in the ‘language’ of Human Design. You’re on a mission to fulfill your goals of creating deeply transformative, mind blowingcoaching sessions that are more substantial than, ‘you're a generator!’ and, ‘you need to wait to respond’ ...  And I know this course is THE integral piece in getting you there! 

I’ve invested my heart into this program, and strive to attract the most committed and intuitive students in return. 

My promise to you is to provide an exceptional on-demand learning experience inside Human Design Mastery, and a life changing learning journey that will increase your knowledge, clarity, and interpretation while providing you with a new source of confidence and ease as you take a quantum leap forward in your Human Design journey.

Meet your mentor

Hi! I'm Becca! 

Over here in my world - I’m the go-to for all things Human Design and business… it wasn’t always this way though.

After starting to learn how to launch with fun and ease by using my Human Design a few years ago, I quickly realized that how difficult it was to pull all the information together in a way that didn’t make me constantly doubt my ability to have the kind of results I dreamed about or panic about it all going away once I started to see some results in my bank account, particularly when all I saw around me were Human Design ‘gurus’ who seemed to find it so ‘easy and effortless’.

So that’s why although coaching female entrepreneurs to reveal their natural energies is my passion, I’ve never considered myself a guru. 

I knew I needed to create a course that addressed the struggle of learning the complexities of Human Design and Gene Keys once and for all!

I know the key to using the power of Human Design in your coaching process is becoming fluent in the language of Human Design - I can’t wait to show you how!  

You see, I’m on a mission to help you finally understand how to step into the powerful coaching business you crave. 

You’re a powerful business owner and I'm SO here for it …I'm here to help you grow, expand and enrich your life, business and abundance!

 Still have questions?

Here’s A Recap of Everything Included ...

  • The Energetic Story Coaching Method
  • 34 On-Demand Video Teaching Modules - Levels 1 to 4 - Self Mastery, Human Design Mastery, Gene Keys Mastery, Business Mastery
  • Access to Pre-Recorded Practice Coaching Workshops
  • Access to Pre-Recorded Q + A Sessions 
  • Bonus #1 Human Design Mastery - The VIP Podcast (value $444)
  • Bonus #2 Human Design Coaching Cue Cards (value $62)
  • Bonus #3 Energetic Story Masterclass (value $209)
  • Bonus #4 Gene Keys Copy Alchemy Masterclass (value $299)
  • Bonus #5 Soul Alchemist Masterclass (value $233)
  • Bonus #6 Energetic Self-Audit Checklist (value $111)
  • Bonus #7 Exclusive LIVE Private Slack Community


Naomi Mendez - Tarot & Manifestation Queen

I have nothing but amazing things to say about working with you. The way you coach is life changing. I really felt like you saw me, you understood me better than I understood myself my own energetics. And you really helped me understand myself, really gave me permission. I think the biggest thing is that you gave me permission to really honor myself my own natural ebs and flows of energy, of authority, of how to make decisions of how to ride my wave as an emotional projector. And it's just beautiful because in my time with you I have totally quantum leaped my life. When you work with Becca, she activates the hell out of you. My head and crown were always buzzing. Every single coaching call I had with Becca, I was just buzzing. She activates you. You fills you with so much light, so much power, so much confidence, just so much permission, really to be you and to totally honor, and embrace who you are. I am not the same Naomi. I was when I started working with her, I am completely changed, an empowered entrepreneur.

Let’s take a peek into what not joining Human Design Mastery might look like

While you saw some improvement in your knowledge by DIYing it up until now, progress may have gotten a little...stagnant. (It makes sense, though - think about someone trying to lose weight. While one might drop substantial LBs in the beginning… the final few pounds are always the hardest!)

And to throw a little salt in the stagnancy wound, it’s no surprise if you’ve become bored with your books and your same old research routine. 

So let me just come out and say it -

“The path that got you here, isn’t what’s gonna get you there.

Okay, okay, you’ve probably seen that quote on every motivational shirt and coffee mug on Amazon. 

But it’s the truth 

The fact is - the studying, the workbooks, and the programs that have given you your base knowledge, are not the same resources that’ll make you fluent. 

And staying in that vicious cycle isn’t the path I want for you. 

Between you and I ...

I’ve created this program to help visionary online coaches like YOU immerse yourself into Human Design and Gene Keys with the goal of adding these modalities to your coaching tool kit (#deathtoGooglerabbitholes)

 The bottom line is, I know how impactful this goal is on your business. I can still remember that feeling when a coaching client first had life-changing light bulb moments and went on to quantum leap their life. I genuinely want you to have this feeling, too. 


If you’re still reading this, I know that running your own coaching business is no simple feat.

Here’s the thing …whether you choose to join me or not, I want you to know that I’m still cheering you on and care about your success.


My wish is for you to be fully in alignment with yourself, your business and the people around you. I want you to start earning $$$$ from your passion for your coaching and feel fulfilled, joyful and expansive.

Teaching Human Design and Gene Keys in a simple, straightforward and fun way (and in my crazy hybrid English🇬🇧🇦🇺Australian accent) is my passion and my love.

My desire is for you to benefit from the lessons I’ve learned and skills I’ve gained in the trenches as a Human Design teacher and coach. I want you to learn, love and share Human Design with as many souls as possible.

And if I happen to be the lucky one to teach these skills to you - I promise I’ll be with you every step of the way until we make them your reality <3

Your friend, Becca xoxo