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Get to know yourself on a soul level, so you can unlock all the impact, wealth, expansion, and abundance your heart desires.

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Embody the full expression of your soul and watch your life wildly transform


The first (and most important) step in achieving the abundance you desire is getting to know yourself on an intimate level.

It’s time to abandon the idea of “fitting in” and instead take the rebellious act of realizing and activating your personal power.

Through my courses and programs, I invite you to gift yourself the freedom to be exactly who your soul came here to be.

Whether you want to take your business to the next level, step into a shocking level of abundance, or expand your impact by helping others understand their energetic story, I would be honored to guide you along the way.

Let’s level the playing field between strategy and energetics

Just like business strategy or the many different ‘personality archetypes’ that have infused corporate boardrooms for decades, tools like Human Design (HD) and Gene Keys simply offer us another way to make sense of our experience on this planet.

You don’t need to be fluent in all things HD to alchemize your life and business. You simply need curiosity, an open mind, and a deep desire to live an intuitive, visionary life.

If that’s you, then welcome. I am so glad you’re here.


There are absolutely no prerequisites.

Maybe you’ve had a 1:1 Human Design reading before, but it made you feel more overwhelmed than validated. Your curiosity has been piqued, but you’re ready to look at specific parts of your chart to quantum leap in distinct areas of your business and life.

Or maybe you’re newly curious about Human Design. You recently downloaded your chart, and you’re curious to learn more about yourself, your purpose, and how you can move closer to a life of ease, clarity, and flow.
Either way, there are options for you here. Each program and course has been intentionally designed to give you the tools you need to lean into your intuition, understand yourself better, and operate from a place of alignment.

Which area do you want to alchemize?

“I’m just getting started with Human Design — show me the basics!”


“I want to integrate and embody Human Design in my business strategy.”


“I want to shift my mindset around money and unlock new levels of wealth.”


“I want to add Human Design to my own coaching practice.””


Human Design Starter Kit

“You're not just a number in a course for Becca.”

She's such an incredible teacher, very detailed and provides so much value.


“Becca helped me launch products, memberships, classes and workshops!”

Becca is an amazing, intuitive soul. She helped me transform my procrastination into flows of energy and reminded me I am exactly who I am meant to be. You feel like Becca is your biggest cheerleader! Thank you so much and I’m so grateful for your help, your healing, and your transformative nature.


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“Becca is amazing in sharing her knowledge and unique perspective.”

— SUE M.

“I learned things I haven’t heard anywhere else”

I loved this masterclass. I was concerned there wouldn’t be enough value for the price of “just” a recording, or that it would be the same information I learned elsewhere, but the value far exceeded my hopes and expectations. Thank you for offering a new and fresh perspective on Human Design readings, and for making this available.