Unlock $10k+ Months with Human Design

business gene keys generators human design manifesting generators May 16, 2024
Unlock $10k+ Months with Human Design for Generators and Mani-Gens

The difference between averaging $2k months & 10k+ for Generators and Mani-gens is this…

2K months are great because they allow you to test your business idea and feel some level of success, but you know deep down you really want 10k+ months ...you’re just not sure how to get them! 

I’ve worked with hundreds of Generators and Mani-gens and let me tell you the major roadblock I see time and time again: The messaging about how they help their ideal client is vague and fuzzy.


Here’s how to overcome it: 

Get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your messaging.

Your ideal client should instantly be able to recognize their pain in your messaging and know, without a doubt, YOU are the person who can provide the solution for them.

When someone lands on your socials, you only have 5 SECONDS to communicate that message.

Get clear on who you help, what their pain is, what your solution is and what tools you use.

You're a POWERFUL SACRAL ENTREPRENEUR so make your messaging as powerful as you are!


By simply doing this, you'll be seeing those 10K months in your bank account without the endless struggle in no time.