Transforming Pain into Profit with Human Design!

business gene keys generators human design manifesting generators Apr 13, 2024
Transforming Pain into Profit with Human Design!!

Does this sound like you?

❌ You HATE sales and feel gross when you try to 'sell' your offers

❌ Even talking about sales 'strategies gives you anxiety and you worry people will see straight through you

❌ You think you're rubbish at selling and just can't do it

👉🏼 Here’s how to solve it… 

The truth is you get a six-figure business by selling your offers to your ideal clients to help them out of some type of pain.

The single fastest path to hitting that dream 10K month milestone is to SELL YOUR STUFF!


I’ve had Sacral entrepreneur clients (Generators & Mani-gens) with the exact same feelings as you start to love selling to the point that they actually get excited about getting on sales calls with this one simple change.


👉🏼 If you talk to someone who is pain of some kind (could be lack of income, lack of confidence, lack of knowledge) and you feel deep in your bones that your offer or service can solve their problem and get them out of pain (and if you don't feel that, it's time to go back to the drawing board) and you keep it yourself ....

👉🏼 you've actually made their situation WORSE by not selling them your solution. They're now aware of their pain and you haven't offered them any help to get out of it.

That's all selling is.

You just need to see it from a new perspective.