⏰ The Fastest Way To 6 Figures In 2024

business gene keys human design Feb 07, 2024
The Fastest Way To 6 Figures In 2024

When I first got started, I thought all successful businesses were run the same way and if I could just work out what that was, I’d make it.

I’d tried for over a decade to get multiple side hustles off the ground and they all failed ...spectacularly (apart from my wedding planning business where I staged 3 weddings and just about broke even 🀦🏼‍♀️)

For years on end, I struggled, cried, and felt so ashamed that I couldn’t make anything work.

⁠It wasn’t working and I knew something needed to change. ⁠

Here’s what I did:

πŸš€ I got super clear on my zone of genius in my Gene Keys (where I was literally born to help my clients at a deep level)

πŸš€ I spent time learning how I’m designed to take action in my Human Design chart which led me to make radical changes in my business

πŸš€ I learned how to make decisions using my Human Design chart and catapulted my business growth in my first year from 5 to 6 figures (something the internet told me wasn’t possible)

Here’s what you can do:

If you’ve been constantly hitting up against that 5 figure ceiling and you’re DONE with not seeing your income take off, then I recommend (as a starting point) you:

1️⃣ Get to know YOUR zone of genius in your Gene Keys intimately

2️⃣ Learn and practice YOUR action-taking style in your Human Design every day

3️⃣ Deeply understand YOUR decision-making process in your Human Design

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