The Secret to Attracting Dream Clients with Human Design

business gene keys generators human design manifesting generators mindset Apr 13, 2024
The Secret to Attracting Dream Clients with Human Design

What I would do if I wanted my phone to be buzzing like crazy with notifications, likes pouring in, comments stacking up, and messages flooding my DM's. But these aren't just any notifications – they're from your dream clients, actively seeking you out, flipping the script so they're reaching out to you now, not the other way around.

You’ve got some clients through word of mouth and you’re feeling pretty happy about it but alongside feeling pretty happy, you’re also feeling: 

❌ Anxious about having no idea where your next 5 clients are coming from

❌ Nervous about not having consistent income you can rely on

❌ Worried that you should be charging more but have no idea how to price your services


Here’s what I would do (and have done) if I was you…

  • Create a hook at the end of your posts to encourage people to hit you up in your DMs

    This is a great way of starting conversations in your DMs to work out if you and your client are a good fit and you can truly help them

  • Create a powerful lead magnet to attract your ideal clients, day after day

    This will build your email list of dream clients quickly and easily (if you aren't actively growing your email list, your business is going backwards)

  • Create a free community and give away super valuable content

    Never be afraid to give away too much, it actually has the opposite effect. People think 'wow, if they give away this much for free, imagine what they teach inside their program!'


Once you implement these tips you will wake up to your DM's and inbox overflowing with your dream clients.