Money in the Human Design Chart

human design energies money Jul 28, 2022

Want to unlock your wild wealth and step into Quantum Abundance?

The open (white) centers in your Human Design chart can hold the key.

The first step to creating your divine money map is getting curious about the old, worn out stories you might be holding onto in your open centers and change those stories to step into a new frequency around money ...

HEAD - I release the need for answers to the question 'Where will the money come from?'

AJNA - I am open-minded about potential income sources

THROAT - I release fear around not being seen so not being paid

EGO - I don't need to prove my value to be receive money

G CENTER - I am endlessly magnetic to abundance

EMOTIONAL SOLAR PLEXUS - I attract money without it being a huge emotional experience

SACRAL - The actions I take are always enough to attract the money I desire

SPLEEN -  I am safe with or without money

ROOT - Money flows whether I'm working or resting


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