MASTERY - The Human Design Training Experience

business gene keys human design energies Mar 25, 2022

Can I tell you a secret?

I don’t ‘decide’ how big my courses and group coaching programs should be.

I let the program tell me what size of group will be most potent to deliver the information.

The chart for MASTERY - The Human Design Training Experience tells me the student cohort should be between 3-15 students, to create a ‘family’ archetype.

True family occurs when 3 or more humans come together for a higher purpose.

And I believe learning Human Design at a deep level has an elevated purpose.

This 9 month, 4 level training program is calling in a small, highly cohesive unit of students who share the same higher ideal, but whose commitment and thirst for knowledge can be interwoven in such a way that we can manifest the birth of that elevated purpose.

I know these students will thrive in small group setting. 

I feel this cohort will come alive through diversity, dynamism and exchange of ideals and opinions.

Through coming together for nine months to learn this deep wisdom, these students will experience a creative group aura and will require flexibility, patience, wisdom and a very good sense of humor!

And of course the result is important (I have very high standards for my students) but this learning journey will also be about excitement, up levels and life-changing interactions.

You prosper in the process and the result is simply a by-product.

This program is the cutting edge of learning and sharing Human Design and Gene Keys.

I’ll take each and every student under my ‘Human Design wing’ to help you shift from the ideals and ‘if onlys’ of being a Human Design reader  and teach you the strategies of creating and marketing readings in the real world.

As one of my students you’re here to shake up the world, innovate, inspire and enliven!

MASTERY - The Human Design Training Experience starts 6 June 2022.

DM the word ‘MASTERY’ to me to register for the free info session on 29 March 2022 @7pm EST.