Human Design Profiles

human design energies Jun 20, 2022

What is the costume of our purpose? Profile is like an archetype, a costume we wear while learning to live our lives.

The profiles are found in our conscious sun/personality side of the bodygraph, along with the unconscious sun/design side of the bodygraph. These are the numbers that come after the gate number eg 45.2 = 2 line.

The personality side is something we likely have more resonance with, whereas the design side is likely something we’re more unconscious of. Together, these two lines make up a profile type and there are 12 potential profiles.

👉🏼 Line 1 - The Investigator: Gains information to create a secure and stable foundation. Needs all the information to feel safe, they want the blueprint and the details. They will question everything to gain deeper understanding.

👉🏼 Line 2 - The Hermit: A natural genius, and often, they can't tell you how they’re so good at what they do, it just comes to them.

👉🏼 Line 3 - The Martyr: The 3rd line is here to experiment/ experience life. It’s not good enough to just tell them information, they need to trial and error everything to know if it will work.

👉🏼 Line 4 - The Opportunist: The 4th line is all about networking! Their network is extremely important, as it’s their source of security and opportunity.

👉🏼 Line 5 - The Heretic: The one that delivers practical, universal truth, and it’s often viewed by others as the savior; it’s all about leadership and guiding others with practical wisdom.

👉🏼 Line 6 - The Role Model: Everything about the 6th line is knowing you are here to be a role model for others and embodying the qualities of leadership and trust.

💛 I'm a 6/2, what are you?