How Niching Transformed My Human Design Business

business generators human design manifesting generators Jun 15, 2024
How Niching Transformed My Human Design Business

 I SWORE I would NEVER niche, and then I did. This is what happened.

Once I niched down to only working with Generators and Manifesting Generators, everything changed in my business.

Everything was suddenly much simpler, much quicker, much easier and MUCH more PROFITABLE.

Let me tell you what I did to make that happen: 

1️⃣ I spoke directly to Sacral types in my marketing - I spoke to their pains, struggles, and desires in business

2️⃣ I created a program just for Gens and Mani-gens to help them get results fast - I created short videos, packed with value to help them leverage their time when they were lit up and empowered

3️⃣ I helped them ditch the shame around wanting to work so much in a world that's telling them they must have more balance (sacral types thrive in a work/life blend - we're here to work, here to build)

💃 And the best part is, I now help my Sacral clients with this every day.