How to fall back in love with your business as a Generator

business generators human design manifesting generators Jun 15, 2024
How to fall back in love with your business as a Generator

 What I’d do as a six-figure Generator to fall back in love with my business 💖✨

 You’ve built a successful business that’s headed towards high six or even seven figures, and you’re thrilled. But let’s be real, alongside feeling thrilled, you’re also feeling:

Less Focused: Tasks you used to breeze through now feel super heavy because your energy just isn’t there anymore.

Drained: Despite your passion and drive, you often feel physically, mentally, and emotionally wiped out halfway through the day, leaving you feeling like you’re not doing enough.

Unfulfilled: You’ve had those moments where you think about burning it all down and starting fresh, but you don't have the energy to do that 

Here’s what I’d do (and have done) if I were in your shoes…

Prioritize Joy: Identify and focus on activities in your business and life that bring you joy and fulfillment. Set new boundaries so you can say no to what drains you and yes to what excites you.

Understand Your Energy: Get a deeper understanding of how your Generator energy works. This will help you find ways to feel lit up by your business again.

High-Frequency Routines: Create routines that include relaxation techniques and time for play. Reconnect with your sacral energy and body to rebuild your energy levels (without burning down your business!).

Start using these tips and watch as you fall back in love with your business! 🌟