How I learned to be 'too much' & scaled my business to 6 figures

business generators human design human design energies manifesting generators Mar 12, 2024
How a generator learned to be 'too much' and boosted her business to six-figure success

 How I learned to be 'too much' & what happened to my business when I did.

In my first few months in business, I was self-sabotaging constantly.

❌ I was holding myself back.

❌ I worried about what people would think about all these new programs I was creating.

❌ I was always asking myself 'At what point am I too much?'

❌ I was very careful with my energy and the things I said on Instagram.

❌ The blocks I had around my Sacral energy said 'It's not safe to go there so I'm going to shut my power down.'


👉🏼 This is what I did next:

✅ I learned exactly how my Sacral worked

✅ I went all in on my Human Design strategy and authority

✅ I allowed myself to take action, without worrying about how it looked.


👉🏼 The result:

💵 I scaled my business to over $100k in my first year


🤷🏼‍♀️ So if being 'too much', is wrong, then I don't wanna be right. 

It's your choice 🙃⁠