You are more important than your clients

business human design channels human design energies May 07, 2022

😱 You are more important than your clients.

👉🏼 I know this because I've seen way too many Human Design coaches and readers burn out within a few months.

🧘🏼 Spending time with your own chart is pivotal in creating a successful, abundant business. Contemplating the circuitry than runs beneath your channels takes you deeper into your chart and your energy more than anything else.

👉🏼 Understanding the mechanics of how you operate in life, business and client relationships is the key to setting yourself apart from the crowd as coach.

⏳ Investing your time to understand your energy at an intensely intimate level truly uplevels your client coaching sessions.

🔎 Uncover the Energetic Story of your own energy first. I feel THE most empowering coaches understand their own energetics first before anyone else’s.

⚡️ Understanding YOUR circuitry and how to meet YOUR shadows and ride the energy of the cosmos helps you avoid 'energy sickness' which can drain you to the point of burnout.

🤷🏼‍♀️ I don't have much logical circuitry running through my chart which means I don't make logical decisions and I LOVE that about myself. My energy runs mostly through individual circuitry.

💵 Here's the thing ..if I made logical decisions I would never have invested over $50,000 in my Human Design, Gene Keys, business and mediumship training in the last two years.

👉🏼 Training which has helped me create deeply powerful life changing transformations for my course students and coaching clients.

💗 Keeping an 'energetic clean slate' is my BIGGEST priority and one which I have superstrong boundaries around.