How to become a High-Frequency Generator

business generators human design manifesting generators Jun 15, 2024
How to become a High-Frequency Generator

Here’s how to become a High-Frequency Generator this month 🔽

You're a six-figure Generator and you’ve been delegating tasks like all the business 'gurus' tell you to, and yet you’re no closer to freeing up your time to work on the parts of your business you LOVE. 

Let me break it down for you simply…

To hand off the tasks that drain you and only work on tasks that fuel your joy, so that you can express your creativity and have more fun, do these 3 things:

  • Stop handing things over that you actually love to do because you think its easier to hand them over - if you do a task more than once, record a quick Loom video of you doing it and then delegate it to your VA (ask them to create a central point to file all the process videos so anyone can take over those tasks)
  • Start building a picture of what your Generator Joy frequency feels like - is it having fresh flowers in your office, is it injecting more color into your business, is it walking in the sun with your doggo - notice the times you feel joyful and satisfied and build more of those into your day
  • Focus on the joy of the work itself - Generators find their joy in work, not in stockpiling money. The money comes as a by-product of living in your Joy Frequency of satisfaction

If you want to stop doing the hard tasks in your business that drain you and start getting back that same joy you felt at the beginning of your business journey, it starts with these small tweaks.