Generator's Key to Business Success with Human Design

business gene keys generators human design manifesting generators May 16, 2024
Generator's Key to Business Success with Human Design
What I'm doing as a Generator to grow my business right now?🚀

4 Things that are moving the needle in my Business every day as a Generator 

1️⃣ MARKETING - I've found a way to LOVE selling and marketing - a way that makes my Sacral excited to do it EVERY SINGLE DAY - if you're not actively finding new leads and sales in your business EVERY SINGLE DAY're going backward, babe

2️⃣ My 6/2 profile runs the show - I share how I've scaled to 6 figures and how my clients can do it too - I NEVER tell people WHAT they should do

3️⃣ Experimenting - tweaking, testing, iterating, trying, and getting back up and trying again ..and again ...and again - I have A LOT, like A LOT, of power in the lower half of my chart and 3 motor centers defined so I NEVER, EVER give up 

4️⃣ Being laser-focused on IG - my open head easily falls into imposter syndrome when I spend too long on another business owner's profile so I focus on what I want to achieve and get out quick


This is how I'm growing my business as a Generator in a climate where the world is telling me it's tough out there and people have no money to invest in their businesses.

👉🏼 That's not my experience.

Business owners are still investing time, energy, and money in the things they know will grow their business 💪