Sacral Energy Mastery: $10k Months for Generators & Mani-Gens!

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Sacral Energy Mastery: $10k Months for Generators & Mani-Gens!

If you're a Generator or Mani-gen,

➡️ You know you should be making more money, there’s only one problem: showing up on social media and ‘selling' your services makes you feel drained & exhausted

➡️ You spent hours & hours creating a great offer, but no one’s buying, and if they are - it’s not consistent. You’re dreaming of $10k months consistently but can’t seem to make it happen

➡️ Potential clients love your program but then it’s always either ‘It’s not the right time’ or ‘I’m not in the right financial position to enroll now'…and you’re SO frustrated!!


→ Create sell-out offers from your sacral energy so that 10K months become the norm, taking the pressure off your open centers to make money.

The Generator/Mani-gen mind will try to create a business from its open centers. So you may be in a constant cycle of creating more and more offers based on feeling you have to prove something, have to attract attention, have to feel certain or safe or just to stop the pressure.

→ Package your offers so that you have an endless stream of perfect clients ready to hit that 'Enrol Now' button!

Most of your potential clients are making buying decisions from their not-self eg many Generators enroll in courses out of sheer frustration because they're exhausting themselves trying to create a business by doing what they 'think' they should do, instead of what brings them immense joy and pleasure.
Support them in making an aligned buying decision by putting your offer together in a way that shows them exactly how your program will help them.

→ Create an overflowing funnel of leads for your million-dollar offers without spending a single cent on marketing.

When you turn on your marketing tap by creating a consistent, repeatable marketing process , you'll have a funnel full of aligned leads dying to work with you.

By simply showing up in your business as your Sacral self, you're on the right path.

You are the only type that looks inwards - all the other Human Design types look outward. Use that inner focus to your advantage.

Learn to ditch the frustration to help you create, market, and sell offers as your beautiful Sacral self so you can scale your business to 10k months.

If you want to:

✅ … wake up in the morning feeling deeply satisfied and peaceful because you’ve created consistent income with a steady stream of ideal clients dying to work with you who are ready to pay in full.

✅ …never fear returning to a 9-5 grind again. When worry surfaces, you'll confidently shift your mindset to consistent six-figure years.

✅ ...stop searching for the perfect strategy and instead create your business around you as an individual so you're doing what you love & trusting the things that light you up are correct for you.

✅ ...surrender to your Sacral (it will literally do a happy dance! 💃🏼) - secure in your own authority, secure in your capacity to respond so that you can live out what’s correct for you ..

Ready to harness the power of your Sacral energy and transform your business?

1️⃣ Create your sell-out offer directly from the naturally high frequency of your defined Sacral center

2️⃣ Package your offer so that you have an endless stream of perfect clients ready to hit that 'Enrol Now' button!

3️⃣ Create an overflowing funnel of leads for your sell-out offer without spending a single cent on marketing

Here's to your success,
Love Becca