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Human Design Mastery - Unlock your Potential

A 12-week on-demand program that covers all aspects of the Human Design chart:

Week 1 Human Design Types
Week 2 Human Design Strategy
Week 3 Human Design Authority
Week 4 Defined Centers
Week 5 Open Centers
Week 6 The Chart's Energetic Story
Week 7 Profiles Part 1
Week 8 Profiles Pt 2 + Incarnation Crosses
Week 9 Channels
Week 10 Gates
Week 11 The Variables
Week 12 Planets & Nodes

Each week you get access to a new module which includes:
 - Training video & audio versions
 - Workbook


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What they're saying ...

You'd be crazy not to get into Mastery. It was the most amazing human design course I have done. You're not just a number in a course for Becca. It’s like you've drawn a line in the sand - before and after working with Becca - I will forever be this new iteration of me because of Mastery She's such an incredible teacher, very detailed and constantly provided so much value. I really loved how much information I got through Mastery and the way it was beautifully structured. Mastery has been a game changer for my coaching business This really levelled me up as a human design reader and using human design in my coaching. The most impactful bonus was the Coaching Cue Cards They were so amazing, so incredible! They are perfect little bite size pieces that I could take action on and immediately use those coaching prompts with my clients. I had no hesitations about enrolling in Mastery, I just don't think that anybody else is doing it this way. Becca goes into so much detail and she breaks down the steps so clearly for you. The way she breaks things down makes it way less complicated and it's given me a lot of confidence. She has this gift of teaching something that's really complicated and making it simple with a really beautiful way of storytelling. I love Becca’s unique perspective on things, but also her practicality.

Lindell S.